Ex-UFC champ Cain Velasquez out on ‘$1Million’ bail, UFC world reacts to Cardio Cain’s return

Cain Velasquez was granted $1 million bail on Tuesday after being imprisoned for eight months while awaiting trial on an attempted murder allegation, and the UFC world reacts to Cardio Cain’s return. 

Since his arrest on February 28, Velasquez has been detained. Police said that Velsaquez followed Goularte, his mother Patricia Goularte, and his stepfather Paul Bender on an 11-mile car chase near San Jose before firing multiple shots from a.40-caliber pistol into the car. Bender was shot in the arm and the torso. Bender made it through his injuries.

Velasquez’s bail had already been denied three times by Judge Shelyna Brown. Velaszquez was granted bail during the preliminary hearing on Tuesday in a Santa Clara County courtroom, and the case will now go to trial, according to Judge Arthur Bocanegra.

Nonetheless, after the allegations were brought against the UFC fighters, the entire MMA world has come out in favor of him. Furthermore, “Free Cain” campaigns were present to show their support for the fighter.

Since the news of his bail was made public, the whole UFC roster has expressed their joy. Javier Mendez, Velasquez’s long-time coach who was always campaigning for his bail, posted an emotional Instagram post expressing his happiness at the news.

Furthermore, his training partner and former two-division UFC Champion, Daniel Cormier, expressed his opinions on Velasquez’s release from prison.


He was notable for being injured frequently throughout his career. Despite the fact that he acknowledged to competing while suffering from something or the other throughout his peak. However, his body couldn’t handle them in the later phases of his career. As a result, he retired in 2019.


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