Ex-UFC champ Daniel Cormier predicts Jon Jones will keep fighting until he cements his legacy as GOAT

Is Jon Jones really considering retirement? According to Daniel Cormier, who was a former UFC champion, Jones would only remain in the organization as long as he believes there are fresh obstacles for him to overcome. Speaking on his show DC & RC, Cormier speculated that Jones may have been disappointed that his heavyweight debut against Ciryl Gane was easier than he anticipated. For Cormier, the challenge is what makes combat sports so compelling. He wants to see Jones take on tough opponents like Sergei Pavlovich, and he believes that there are still plenty of challenges out there for the GOAT of MMA.

Jon Jones

Jon Jones: Will His Drive to be the Greatest Keep Him in the Game?

There is still a lot of anticipation for the fight between Jones and Miocic, even though it has been postponed from UFC 290. Jones has suggested that at least one opponent may persuade him to stay in the sport beyond the scheduled championship defense. Cormier is in a good position to provide insight into Jones’s thinking as he has twice sparred in the same octagon with the former light heavyweight champion. 

However, with Jones currently holding the heavyweight title, Cormier thinks he still has something left to prove. Although there are several heavyweight contenders, Jones is set on facing Stipe “Stone Cold” Miocic. Cormier is hopeful that Jones will stick around after their upcoming fight but acknowledges that Jones will only do so if he still feels like he has new challenges to face.

Jones’ Legacy Hangs in the Balance as UFC Fans Await His Next Move

Jones still has plenty of opportunity to demonstrate his superiority in the heavyweight class. Also, the former champion Daniel Cormier thinks he won’t hang up his gloves until he knows he isn’t the greatest. The UFC and combat sports fans will be waiting with bated breath, keen to see how the tale develops, whether Jones continues around or hangs up his gloves. Will Jones be able to continue his reign of dominance and overcome the challenges that lie ahead? Or will his desire for greatness ultimately lead to his downfall?

The world is looking to see whether he can continue to show why he is regarded by many as the GOAT as he gets ready to face Stipe Miocic in what promises to be a historic confrontation. The UFC and the combat sports fam will undoubtedly be watching each and every second of thrilling action with bated breath, and we certainly can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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