“He’s the next big thing”: Father of Tyson Fury predicts future Jared Anderson boxing dominance following Gypsy King’s retirement in shocking claim

Young American heavyweight fighter Jared Anderson has been predicted by John Fury father of Tyson Fury to one day succeed his son at the top of boxing’s elite division. Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury is the current WBC heavyweight world champion.

Anderson, who is not more than 23 years old. He has had a remarkable career so far, winning all 14 out of his 14 fights by knockout. John Fury has been particularly impressed by Anderson’s early success and described him as the “next big thing on the block.” He also highlighted Anderson’s boxing skills, quickness, and bravery.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury and his Heir Apparent? Jared Anderson Emerges as Boxing’s Next Big Thing

The elder Fury went on to compare Anderson’s skills with the UK heavyweight boxers and noted that Anderson’s class stood out. He predicts that Anderson could become the number one heavyweight boxer in the world when Tyson Fury retires. The potential still exists that Anderson will face Fury first. Anderson’s promoter, Bob Arum, has stated that by 2024, Anderson will be ready to fight Fury, and the match would sell out a big stadium in Las Vegas.

Many boxing fans have already been impressed by Anderson’s astonishing success early in his career, and his abilities and fighting style have established him as a prospective champion.

According to Bob, he has very well advanced from being just a prospect to a contender. There is “something magic” about Anderson, and Arum would put him in the ring with anybody. In the boxing realm, predictions about future champions come and go, but the name Jared Anderson has emerged as a beacon of hope for the sport’s enthusiasts.

The Upcoming Heavyweight World Champion: Jared Anderson?

Anderson’s impressive record of knockout victories and his remarkable skills have earned him the reputation of a potential champion. With John Fury’s endorsement and Bob Arum’s backing, Anderson’s future looks bright. Whether he will take over from Tyson Fury or fight him, one thing seems clear: Jared Anderson is a potential rising star in boxing, and many fans could be watching his every move with bated breath.

As he climbs on and on the ranks chart, Anderson could establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of combat sports. The world of boxing is usually not short of surprises, and Jared Anderson seems to possess the potential to become the next big one.

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