Ex-UFC champion Francis Ngannou claims his opponents to bag “guaranteed $2m” to fight him

The exciting news that Francis Ngannou had signed a contract with the Professional Fighters League was revealed tonight. The contract wasn’t just about the heavyweight fighter, though; he also ensures that his opponents will receive at least $2 million in base pay for taking on him.

During his tenure as a free agent, The Predator received numerous offers from various MMA organizations. Fans of mixed martial arts were impatiently waiting for Ngannou to announce something big. However, the heavyweight kingpin was eager to reach an agreement with a promotion that would take all his requirements into consideration. 

Details of Ngannou’s contract with PFL

The Cameroonian fighter signed with PFL not only because they promised him a higher salary, but also because of the important duties he will play for the UFC rival promotion. It’s not just a pact, but rather a strategic partnership, in Ngannou’s opinion, that will help him and the MMA organization reach their ultimate objective.

“It’s not about years, it’s about fights. Let’s just say it’s not for many fights, [but] it is a multiple-fight deal. But most importantly, what you have to understand here is that this is a strategic partnership.” Ngannou said. 

Roles of Francis Ngannou in PFL

The huge deal also covers Ngannou’s role as chairman of PFL Africa. The heavyweight fighter will also serve on the Professional Fighters League advisory board. Francis made sure that his opponents received $2 million, even though he hasn’t specified how many fights he will take part in as part of this contract. 

“PFL Africa isn’t something that’s gonna be for two years; that’s for life. We’re gonna work on it basically forever. The amount of years doesn’t really matter, we’re already in business. Even if there isn’t a certain number of fights, that’s easy to work on.” Ngannou added. 

It is indeed a groundbreaking deal in the history of MMA in terms of the financial benefits and general responsibilities Ngannou will get to play. How do you feel about the Ngannou PFL strategic partnership agreement? Comment below and let us know what you think. 

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