Ex-UFC champion Francis Ngannou signs for PFL after one-year layoff

Francis Ngannou has revealed the much-awaited update about his next career move after remaining a free agent for approximately five months. As declared last week, Ngannou made the exciting announcement tonight that he had signed a contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). 

The Predator departed the UFC in January after eight years with the top MMA organization in the world as contract discussions failed. Aside from the money issue, additional concerns like as the heavyweight fighter’s willingness to participate in boxing matches alongside other issues prevented him from continuing with Dana White’s promotion. 

Why did Francis Ngannou choose PFL among so many other options? 

Over the course of his time as a free agent, Francis had tons of offers from different MMA organizations. Mixed martial arts fans were eagerly waiting for him to join somewhere immediately. However, the heavyweight kingpin was looking forward to seal a deal with an organization considering every aspects. 

The Predator expressed his happiness after signing the contract saying, “The past few months have been a very interesting time to understand and see the landscape but I’m very excited about this deal with the P.F.L. because they basically showed what I was expecting.” 

The Cameroonian fighter didn’t just sign because PFL offered him more money but also due to the the significant roles he’ll get to play here. Francis will also be the chairman of PFL Africa and a significant member of the PFL’s advisory board. Other than that Ngannou’s all fights will be in the super fight pay-per-view division of PFL. 

Before signing up for PFL, The Predator was approached by One Championship and Bare-knuckle Fighting Championship. However, none of those promotion managed to negotiate with Ngannou successfully. Although, the former UFC champion didn’t clearly mention how much PFL has offered him but he said it’s much more than anyone has offered him in the last four months. 

“They didn’t just show up as a promotion that was looking for a fighter, but really came as a partner that sees more value in you as a person. Let’s just say, all-in my deal with P.F.L. is more than anyone else offered.” Ngannou added.

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