Exploring why Elina Svitolina is upset after happy news “It was not easy to enjoy the news of the pregnancy right now”

The tennis world has seen a number of famous East European stars like Maria Sharapova and others in the past, but now Elina Svitolina, 27, of Ukraine, is catching the attention of the media and fans for different issues on and off the field.

The Ukrainian tennis star earned the highest World No. 3 rank in her career, but is currently dealing with a personal matter that is being hampered by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Why is Elina Svitolina depressed despite revealing good news?

The war in Ukraine has changed the dimension of tennis in many ways, and therefore, Russian players are facing the threat of getting banned from professional tournaments this year.

On the other hand, Ukrainian male and female tennis players are dealing with uncertainties, but they are getting a lot of support from the ATP and other international tennis entities.

Despite receiving numerous appreciations and encouragements, Elina Svitolina was still not getting the proper motivation that she needed most during this tough time, and therefore she showed her frustration in front of the media following a positive news.

Elina Svitolina with her husband

On March 24th, Elina Svitolina competed in her final official match in the WTA competition in Miami and even before announcing her pregnancy, the Ukrainian star then made the decision to take a hiatus.

Svitolina indicated that after the end of her last official match, the impact of Russia’s conflict on her nation has drastically altered plans and established new objectives in her life.

On an exclusive interview with the Telegraph, Svitolina commented, “I felt a mix of different emotions. It was not easy to enjoy the news of the pregnancy right now.”

Although Elina is stressed from the war, she protested the decisions of the ATP and WTA to ban the Russian players from international tournaments.


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