Fans outraged at UFC sensation Hasbullah for hurting his cat Barsik in latest viral video

Hasbullah Magomedov – a name familiar to almost everyone regular on Instagram or tiktok. Although he has been heavily associated with MMA, and UFC in specific, he has made rounds on social media with his extravagant lifestyle. However, he made headlines this time around, for all the wrong reasons. Hasbullah allegedly abused his cat Barsik on a video posted on his YouTube channel, which was later taken down.

The internet personality hailing from Dagestan is known to have made kinships with animals. His pet monkey, in fact, was just as famous as he is. Precisely why, his treatment towards his cat came as a shock to many.

What did Hasbullah post?

In that particular video, Hasbullah tugged on his cat’s ears, which appeared to be forceful to some. A lot so that was a hard tug that might have hurt the cat as well. And after that tug, as his cat tried to resist, he smacked the cat’s head. Fans noticed a certain hint of disdain in that as well.

Hasbullah with his cat Bersik

Most people who watched that video were enraged. Some questioned his motives behind such actions while some were baffled by his actions. On the other hand, it did not sit well, at all, with some. One of that agitated netizens draw reference to a Netflix documentary ‘Don’t f**k with cats’, drawing insinuation about how Hasbullah could be punished. Others wanted to take the matter into their own hands as they wanted to shove a spartan kick down Hasbullah’s throat.

Some did not want to actively act as they called for action from the RSPCA, and urged them to look into the matter. There were a few that felt helpless as they expressed their desire to rescue that cat by themselves if they could.



On the other hand, some did not go to any of this extent. They felt that Hasbullah was well within his own rights to do what he did as it was his cat. Coming to the Russian media personality’s aid, they defended his actions claiming this was not very serious to begin with.

Hasbullah seems to be in trouble!

Whether it is the case or not, Hasbullah senses the possibility of major backlash. One can assume that this was the reason for him to take down the video.

Hasbullah posing with his cats

‘Mini Khabib’ has risen to fame with his staged face-off with his compatriot Abdu Rozik. He is also quite often seen with Khabib Nurmagomedov, sparring in the MMA gyms. In fact, he once sent out videos to UFC boss Dana White, asking to give him fights in the promotion.

For his physical condition, he has a growth stunt. Dwarfism has not only led to his small stature but also a stunt voice growth as well. While a lot found him cute, some found his staged face-offs or gym sparring videos to be comical. However, he has successfully created social traction through his gaudy exhibitions of jewelries, fast cars, sneaker shopping as well his fancy food outings.

Against his tide, Hasbullah seems to be caught off guard, by his very own deeds. He has not made any comments about this video but he surely is in hot waters for that.



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