Watch: Mike Tyson attempts to bite Hasbulla’s ear in hilarious altercation after ‘Mini Khabib’ throws punch

A recently posted video online shows an altercation between Mike Tyson and Hasbullah. Whether the fight was friendly or not, Iron Mike’s attempt to bite his opponent’s ear caused everyone to lose their minds for a particular reason.

Russian youngster Hasbullah Magomedov is a well-known online personality who rose to prominence for his amusing videos on Instagram, Tiktok, and other social media platforms. The Dagestani internet influencer became a brand ambassador for the UFC after striking a five-year deal with Dana White’s mixed martial arts organization.

The 20-year-old Russian has established himself as a familiar face in the MMA community thanks to his friendship with former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and other UFC fighters from his country. Despite this, Hasbullah is admired by followers of many other sports for the humorous content he frequently produces. 

How did Mike Tyson attempt to bite Hasbulla’s ear? 

Hasbullah was seen unleashing his whole rage on the retired boxing legend Mike Tyson in the brief and blurry video. The American fighter was being hit by the tiny but big-hearted boy. 

The two were getting along well in their fight since Mike was being amusing. In fact, if Mike wanted it to be serious, it would be simple to predict how it would end for Hasbullah. 

The Baddest Man on the Earth, to everyone’s surprise, briefly returned to his former self as he seized Hasbullah and pretended to bite his ear. “Mini Khabib” would undoubtedly be taken aback only if he knew that his friendly sparring partner had bitten one of his ring opponent Holyfield’s ear 26 years ago.

One of the most frightening events in combat sports history remains Tyson biting Holyfield’s ear. Tyson’s temperament has prevented anything similar from occurring during his fight with Hasbullah. Overall, the confrontation between one of boxing’s greatest ever and a familiar UFC face was indeed wonderful.


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