FIBA World Cup official social media playfully teases team USA and Canada, delighting Basketball fans: “Bodied midnited states”

In a dramatic turn of events, Team USA lost to Germany in the semi-finals of the FIBA World Cup. Nobody expected the team with the highest chance to win the tournament to be eliminated. The match between the two teams was very close, but the German side emerged as finalists, leaving the Americans to compete for third place.

Since the beginning of the tournament, Canada and the USA were considered the top contenders for the championship. Fans had been hoping for a Canada vs. USA match since the World Cup began. Now that these two teams are finally set to face each other, the official social media of the FIBA World Cup playfully teased fans about the upcoming matchup.

FIBA World Cup official social media playfully teases Team USA and Canada

Team USA and Canada will be facing each other to secure third place in the tournament. USA lost to Germany in the semi-finals, while Canada lost to Serbia. The official social media handle of the FIBA World Cup took the matchup to Twitter and playfully teased both the teams and fans. They tweeted, “Everyone in our comments before the semis: “We want USA-Canada.!”, “There, you have it.”

This was FIBA being a little mischievous on their part, entertaining the fans. As one can expect, the fans had an even greater reaction and started trolling the two teams that everyone thought would probably meet in the finals.

Basketball Fans laugh at FIBA World Cup official trolling team USA and Canada

The reactions of the fans in the comments section of FIBA’s tweet were hilarious. Everyone seemed to join the trolling train and didn’t let the opportunity go to waste. One fan commented, ‘Bodied midnited states,’ trolling Team USA for not bringing their best players to the World Cup.

Some fans even used Noah Lyles’ references to troll the teams. Noah Lyles issued a statement a while back, saying that NBA title winners should not call themselves World Champions. He received heavy pushback from NBA stars, including Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Devin Booker. Now, a fan used him as a reference by posting an image where Lyles says, ‘World champion of what?’

The trolling will continue for some time especially after FIBA themselves did so. But not all fans are out there trolling the teams, some are disappointed with the outcome, and even NBA legend Magic Johnson expressed his dismay after the loss of Team USA.

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