Following James Hardens brutal confession on 76ers President, Joel Embiid removes “Philadelphia” from his social media bio

Joel Embiid, known as one of the NBA’s top players, isn’t just a great athlete, but also a key part of the 76ers. His skills on the court and his attractiveness off it have won him devoted fans.

Embiid’s journey from a promising rookie to becoming the 2023 NBA MVP. In the basketball world, there’s a buzz about Joel Embiid and the notable 76ers President.

After James Harden’s honest admission, a big move followed  Embiid removing “Philadelphia” from his social media bio. This unexpected action has caught the attention and sparked chats among fans. 

Joel Embiid Removes Philadelphia from His Bio

In a surprising twist, Joel Embiid, the 76ers player, has quietly changed his social media profile. He removed “Philadelphia” from it. Recently, NBA player James Harden talked about his interactions with Embiid. His words got people talking.

Without much agitation, Embiid edited his bio. The word “Philadelphia” is now gone. This has made people wonder why. People on Twitter lost no time in reacting. They’re sharing thoughts on this change. The lack of explanations means lots of guessing. People are wondering if this change has deeper meanings.

Joel Embiid

Could it be a strategy? Or is it something personal? Speculations are all around. Though we don’t know why, one thing is clear: this small change is causing a big stir. As we wait for more info, we can’t help but wonder: What’s in store for Embiid now? Removing “Philadelphia” might seem small, but it’s sparking a big conversation. It’s a reminder of how the NBA world is full of surprises.

James Harden’s Remarks on 76ers’ President

In the wake of James Harden’s recent accusation that 76ers president Daryl Morey was being untruthful, he however remains steadfast in his belief that there is no viable path for him to continue with the Philadelphia team. Harden, in reacting to a question during an interview by a KHOU 11 reporter.

The reporter however asked Harden if his relationship with the 76ers president is beyond repair, He quickly replied without hesitation saying, “I think so.”

Joel Embiid

“I’ve been patient all summer,” Harden further said of his situation with the team. “For me, it’s just focused on what I can control and getting ready for this season.” Harden’s statements come in the aftermath of his remarks at an Adidas media event in China earlier in the week, where he publicly vented his frustration towards Morey.

We will get to hear more comments from either Harden or Daryl Morey the 76ers President as more drama awaits us. Would you rather share your view about this story with us? Then Leave us a message in the comment box.


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