Following LeBron James’ change in jersey number ahead of next NBA season, Suns Devin Booker expected to lose millions

The number 23 Los Angeles Lakers jersey worn by LeBron James in his final NBA game was originally owned by Devin Booker. However, James’ choice to once again wear number 23 in tribute to Bill Russell has changed the jersey’s importance. The NBA made the move after jersey number 6 was retired in his honor on August 22.

According to Rich Paul, LeBron’s agent, the decision was made “out of respect” for Russell, despite LeBron’s history of number-hopping. Some fans wondered if Anthony Davis would have an opinion on the topic as he formerly wore the number 23, but they also had to take Devin Booker into account.

How LeBron James changed jersey no. affects Devin Booker?

Since LeBron James decided to change his Jersey number to 23 in honor of the NBA legend Bill Russel, whose no. 6 shall be retired. This move could affect Devin Booker as after beating the Lakers in the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs, Booker was given LeBron’s worn number 23 jersey as a present.

At the time, LeBron’s jersey switch benefited Devin Booker more than anybody else. Like the value of Tom Brady’s first touchdown ball, which dropped following his unretirement, this analogy drew comparisons to Brady’s retirement and subsequent comeback. Similarly, the value of the jersey in Booker’s possession was diminished once LeBron switched numbers.

Booker probably doesn’t care about the jersey’s changed significance, but had it remained as LeBron’s final Lakers jersey, despite the number alteration, it would have had more historical and collector’s worth.

Which number will LeBron James wear in the next NBA season

LeBron James, in honor of Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics, has decided to switch jersey numbers for the 2017 NBA season, moving from No. 6 to his former number 23 with the Lakers. The decision was verified by LeBron’s longtime friend and agent, Rich Paul, who emphasized that it was James’ decision out of respect for Russell.

After Bill Russell’s death last year, the NBA retired the number 6 jersey for all players, but those currently donning it may keep doing so. It was challenging to keep up with the demand for replica James jerseys due to the timing of the league’s announcement. Despite the Lakers’ success with James in No. 6, he’ll be switching back to his career-long jersey No. 23 to honor Russell’s lasting legacy in the NBA.


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