Former Bucks star Tony Snell sheds light on ‘bigger purpose’ for NBA comeback

With all the talent flow in the world of NBA, it is easy to slip under the radar. Despite the glitz and glamour there are grey shades hiding on the surface, one such being Tony Snell.
His NBA career lasted for just short of a decade after he was traded to a G league team, Maine Celtics. After completing a season in the Maine Celtics jersey, Tony expressed how an NBA contract is now his necessity.

If provided the opportunity, the 32-year-old is desperately in need to make his return to the big money league for reasons far more important than just his on-court professional career.

Tony Snell aims for NBA comeback to support his sons

Snell played for a number of teams before he was moved to Pelicans. Tony Snell started his career in 2013 as a Bulls draft and played for a number of teams that included Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons, and Atlanta Hawks. In 2022, he was traded to New Orleans where participated in 15 of their games after which he was benched, and his name was not called by any other team. Unwillingly Tony had to end up in a G league team, but he needs the NBA contract now more than ever.

It has been reported by Yahoo sports that the 32-year-old mentioned he needs to sign for an NBA team as soon as possible for his sons. He said, “Of course, I want to come back and play, but I have a bigger purpose now. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about my boys.”

Completing 10 seasons qualifies him for the players association’s retiree benefits program. His sons, 3-year-old Karter and 2-year-old Kenzo need medical attention and the retirement benefits will provide him with just that, given he crosses the 10-season mark. Joining an NBA team by Friday (02/02/2024) would enable him to access the retirement benefits and provide the necessary medical support for his children.

Details on Tony Snell’s sons’ health problems

Tony Snell has been struggling with his children’s health problems for some time now. In 2021, the kids’ nanny noticed a slowdown in the development of 18-month-old Karter. Another nanny later shared the same observation with Tony Snell and his wife, Ashley. Concerned, they took Karter to the doctor, and the results confirmed that he had autism.

The revelation about Karter made Snell question his own health. Subsequently, he underwent some tests and received a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In a recent NBC interview, he expressed gratitude for discovering his autism at the age of 31, realizing that if he had been earlier, it could have been challenging for him to pursue a career in the NBA.

The situation became more challenging when his second son, Kenzo, was also diagnosed with autism. Now, Snell believes that only by returning to the NBA can he secure the financial resources needed to support his family’s battle against autism.

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