Former Eagles president Joe Banner claims Aaron Rodgers trade debacle puts Packers in tougher spot than Jets

As former Philadelphia Eagles president Joe Banner noted, possessing an exclusive player during this free agency time is vital because it puts the team in a more competitive position. Joe, being realistic, predicted the upcoming performance of the Packers and Jets in relation to Aaron Rodgers’ debate in his statement shared during an interview with ESPN. 

Jets have Aaron Rodgers leverage in Packers trade: Joe Banner
Joe Banner

When he began his professional football career with the Jets in 1994, Banner served as the owner, president, and CEO of the team as their strategic advisor, and his contact with the Newyork Jets was extended three times during that period. With six NFC East wins, 11 playoff appearances, and one super bowl participation under Banner, the Eagles were in a difficult situation.

Joe’s group topped the NFC with 103 victories during the ten-year period (2000–2009), becoming just the 13th club in NFL history to surpass the century mark.

What was stated by Joe in relation to the Eagles and Jets?

According to their recent interest in Jordan Love over Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers appear to no longer be interested in Aaron, additionally, Rodgers just announced his intention to play for the New York Jets. In the Rodgers trade discussion, Joe argued that the Packers put themselves in a more precarious situation than the Jets, in addition, extolled the knowledge of the Jets for valuing a top quarterback.

By adding this elite sportsman to their team, the Jets have already strengthened their position in a way that the Packers were unable to do with Rodgers.

If Rodgers walked into the Green Bay front office and said: If you don’t trade me to the Jets right now for a reasonable price, I’m not cooperating with any other trade, now, the only choice the Packers have is to find a way to get the deal done with the Jets or bring Rodgers back, which they can’t do,’ said by this former Eagles CEO.

According to this 70-year-old Executive, the Packers are in a tough spot as a result of their inability to come to a conclusion.

“The Packers, by waiting, risk that, for some reason, the Jets would not be interested, and then they have no one [to trade with], which really ruins their team for two, probably three years.”

Banner advised the Jets to bolster their team by attempting to bring in another top-level quarterback of the highest caliber.

‘If I were the Jets, I’d bring Lamar Jackson in for a visit even if I wasn’t interested,’ Banner said. ‘Then, the Packers are saying, ”Holy [bleep], they have an alternative and we don’t. We better close the deal.”

Why is Aaron Rodgers Joe’s preferred quarterback?

Rodgers, a 17-year NFL veteran playing for the Green Bay Packers, is a four-time NFL MVP, a Super Bowl winner, and one of the league’s all-time best quarterbacks.

NFL denies telling Aaron Rodgers vaccinated people couldn't get or spread COVID-19 | Georgia Public Broadcasting

This quarterback led the Green Bay Packers to victory against Pittsburgh in the 2011 Super Bowl and was named the game’s MVP following a remarkable regular season record of 15-1, having a career record of 150-79-1 for the team.


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