Aaron Rodgers hints at Jets decision as he tells Brandon Marshall to “stay tuned” for next move announcement

Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers quarterback, has been teasing NFL fans about his future plans.

It seems like he might be joining the New York Jets, as he recently met with their owner, Woody Johnson, who is reportedly ready to sign him. During an interview with Brandon Marshall for the RX Flag Football Charity Event in Laguna Beach, California, Rodgers revealed that his decision is coming soon and urged fans to “stay tuned” for his next move announcement.

Aaron Rodger
Aaron Rodgers’ departure seems imminent as Packers look to the future with Jordan Love.

How close is Aaron Rodgers to joining the Jets?

Although Marshall asked Rodgers how his meeting with Johnson went, the quarterback did not provide many details other than a hint that his decision will be announced soon. Rodgers also mentioned that there’s a time limit to all of this, which could refer to Wednesday’s salary cap deadline when all NFL teams need to comply with the league-mandated $224.8 million maximum.


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Marshall, who is a former Jets wide receiver, has been vocal about his desire for Rodgers to retire, but now believes he can become a New York great like himself. However, Rodgers has already made it clear that he is not retiring, and with the Packers done with him, it’s up to him to decide whether or not to join the Jets. As fans wait eagerly for his next move, it seems like the decision will be made soon.

Despite remaining coy about his future plans, Rodgers praised Bill Belichick during the interview with Marshall. He has left fans wondering if he could be considering a move to the New England Patriots. Nevertheless, for now, all eyes are on the New York Jets and whether or not Aaron Rodgers will be joining their team. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of the NFL.


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