Jake Paul’s coach BJ Flores taken to hospital after getting shot during armed robbery

Undoubtedly, the past few weeks have been absolutely insane for Jake Paul. After suffering a loss to Tommy Fury and almost getting into an altercation with Floyd Mayweather during a basketball game, his trainer BJ Flores has now been shot during an armed robbery. 

Little over a month ago, Jake squared off in Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia against his longstanding foe Tommy Fury, and veteran professional boxer Benjamin ‘BJ’ Flores backed Jake into a corner. Unfortunately for Flores and Paul, the eight-round boxing contest ended with Fury taking the victory through a split decision.


What happened to BJ Flores? 

After Jake’s fight, Flores took a trip to Medellin, Colombia, to have a relaxing holiday with his family. It appears that his run of bad luck continued as armed robbers shot him in the leg while they were robbing him at midnight.

“Tonight I was attacked by two armed motorcycle drivers as a passenger at a RED LIGHT. They pulled up, stuck a gun to my head, tried to steal my wallet and my watch. They shot me one time in the leg and I defended myself the best way I could.” Flores said. 

Flores, who had a successful career as a cruiserweight boxer, did not give up without a fight when the robbers attempted to take his precious things. Unfortunately, the use of one’s physical power was of little use when up against a loaded gun. The 44-year-old boxing coach posted his most recent update on his various social media pages.

“I am still in the emergency room waiting to have the bullet removed at 5:18 am. Thank you for the well wishes. I will learn from this. Be safe out there please. Life is precious.” Flores added. 

In another video that was published on Instagram, BJ described how he was assaulted. When exactly he will be able to start training The Problem Child is currently unknown. Jake has not yet made any kind of public statement on the unfortunate circumstances surrounding his trainer.

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