Tommy Fury moved to 39 rank by WBC after grudge match victory vs Jake Paul

WBC has given Tommy Fury an even greater reward for his eight-round split decision victory against Jake Paul by moving him up to the 39th spot in the rankings.

On February 26th, at the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh, the much-anticipated grudge fight between Tommy and Jake Paul, which has been in the works for two years, finally occurred. Two judges had it 76-73 for Fury, but the third had it 75-74 for Paul, giving Tommy the unanimous decision victory.

Like the buildup to the main event, the aftermath of the bout is also loaded with debate. Many active and retired boxers have shared their thoughts on the Paul-Fury bout. According to many The Problem Child should have been the winner.

Since the latest update to the WBC ranking, the issue has gotten even more heated because many people believe that Tommy does not deserve such a high ranking for beating a YouTuber-turned-boxer.

How did Tommy Fury advance through the ranks?

The first professional boxing match Tommy Fury (9-0-0) ever participated in was a victory over Jevgenijs Andrejevs at the Manchester Arena in 2018. During the course of the next four years, he would rack up eight more victories in the ring.

The most successful year for the British boxer came in 2021, which was the year in which he had victories over three different opponents. Fury won victories against Scott Williams, Jordan Grant, and Anthony Taylor over a span of six months.

TNT’ broke the winning streaks of both Daniel Bocianski (10-1-0) in 2022 and Jake Paul (6-1-0) to extend his unbeaten run in professional boxing. Nonetheless, despite the fact that there were persistent doubts regarding the experience of Fury’s ring opponents, his most recent triumphs are noticeably more impressive than his first seven.

Do you believe Tommy Fury deserves the 39th position on the WBC ranking? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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