Former middleweight champion Alex Pereira advises Israel Adesanya to wait before Sean Strickland rematch

In an expected turn of events, former middleweight champion Israel Adesanya lost in a crushing defeat at the hands of Sean Strickland. In the world of mixed martial arts, timing and preparation often make all the difference, and as per many analysts, Adesanya’s mindset while going into this fight resulted in his loss.

It is quite commonplace for fighters to want to go for a rematch, but Alex Pereira has now advised Israel Adesanya to exercise patience and wait before jumping into a rematch with Sean Strickland. This unexpected counsel comes after Adesanya’s recent loss to Strickland at UFC 293, where he failed to defend the title he once held.

Alex Pereira urges Israel Adesanya to take some time off before Sean Strickland rematch

Pereira, who is no stranger to facing Adesanya in the Octagon, believes that Adesanya should take some time off to regroup and refine his skills before stepping into another high-stakes bout with Strickland.

Pereira stated, “Adesanya needs to take a break because he’s a guy – man, let’s not discredit him just because he lost. He’s a guy that I think fought four matches in a year. I think he needs to rest a bit his body, his mind to come back refreshed, ready for another fight and then come after that belt again and try something against Sean Strickland”.

“When it was me, I agreed because I was losing the fight and managed to knock him (Adesanya) out in the final round, so it was a totally different situation. That’s why he deserved it. But now, Sean exceeded all expectations. Many people who didn’t believe now believe. And hey, if you don’t believe, that’s on you. But I think he needs to keep going, bring in other athletes to challenge him”, he further added.

Israel Adesanya

This advice comes as a surprise to many in the combat sports community, after Adesanya had been vocal about wanting an immediate rematch with Strickland to avenge his loss. However, given Pereira’s wisdom, backed by his extensive experience in the sport, adds a new perspective to the situation.

When is the potential date for Israel Adesanya vs. Sean Strickland rematch?

Adesanya’s head trainer, Eugene Bareman, weighed in on the situation, shedding light on the potential timeline for a rematch. Bareman claimed that a December or early 2024 turnaround for his student is the most likely option.

This timeline would give Adesanya ample time to recover physically and mentally, as well as fine-tune his fighting strategies.

Israel Adesanya

Bareman stated, “Israel (Adesanya) has to inflict more pain and damage on this man (Sean Strickland)…And what that’s going to mean is we have to find a way to do it and minimize how much harm we kind of put in front of them. … You’re going to see a real good fight, an intriguing rematch against a great opponent and a great time”.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of the rematch date, as it promises to be a highly anticipated showdown. In the meantime, Israel Adesanya has some crucial decisions to make regarding his career path, guided by the unexpected counsel of Alex Pereira and the strategic planning of his team and quite a few other experienced fighters who have expressed their thoughts on the career path of ‘The Stylebender’.

What do you think of Alex Pereira’s suggestion? Do you think Adesanya should take a break after all? Are you looking forward to a rematch between Israel and Strickland too? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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