Forrest Griffin, UFC HOF former Light Heavyweight Champ, reveals terrible injuries in and out of MMA “They ended up cutting my t**ticle out”

Forrest Griffin, a 2013 UFC Hall of Famer, serves as the UFC Performance Institute’s Vice President of Athlete Development. This American fighter fought in the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions of the UFC, where he reigned as a UFC light heavyweight champion.

Before retiring in 2012, Griffin appeared in 26 professional fights, out of which he secured 19 victories while losing seven times. The former policeman won the UFC light heavyweight championship in his UFC 86 fight against Quinton Jackson but lost it in his next fight at UFC 92 against Rashad Evans.

On Paddy Pimblett’s growing podcast, Chattin’ Pony Podcast, Griffin spoke out about his injuries both inside and outside of the octagon while discussing his UFC career and future plans. Griffin mentioned that his worst outside-the-ring injury happened at the age of 14. 

During his childhood, he looked like a big guy because of his physical appearance he had to train with seniors where he did staff alone no one was around him to teach. He said:

“My worst non-related, uh, MMA injury was when I was doing power cleans, and I ripped my t**ticle in half and then the losing my left n*t.”

The former champion’s comment surprised the show host, who then elaborated on the incident.

“So I just started trying to lift it, and I just heard a rip like somebody ripping off the sleeves of a T-shirt. And then I realized that that was my abdominal wall, and my body just kind of closes.”

Griffing also mentioned that he had to cut his t**ticle and jokingly, he compared that embarrassing incident to a Van Gogh piece of art.

“They ended up cutting my t**ticle out cause it just came unraveled, you know, the semen tubes, whatever it was just like, a, there’s just like a, you know, Van Gogh piece of art.”

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