UFC’s Israel Adesanya arrested due to illegal possession at airport

Israel Adesanya, the UFC’s starfighter, has had a very stressful week lately. At UFC 281, he lost his middleweight title belt to his rival Alex Pereira via technical knockout, and that afterward triggered his arrest at the New York airport for illegal possession. The illegal item, however, turned out to be a gift from a fan.

Previously, at UFC 281, a Nigerian-New Zealander professional MMA fighter was defeated by his rival, Pereira, via technical knockout. Although he believes referee Marc Goddard, who called a premature end to the fight even though the former professional kickboxer was still capable of fighting, was unfair, eventually, the judges scored the bout in favor of Adesanya (39-37).

There was also a moment when the 33-year-old seemed to be saved by the bell in the first round as he struck him with just a few seconds left, and Pereira wobbled just as the match was ending. And with that, the Brazilian professional MMA fighter won the UFC middleweight championship.

But the previous UFC middleweight champion’s miserable week was far from over. After being caught with metal knuckles, things went from bad to worse for him since the use of metal knuckles is illegal in the Big Apple. The Nigerian mixed martial arts boxer did not actually own the illegal item; a fan had gifted it to him. After the fact, Adesanya’s manager Tim Simpson shared some details about the event, saying that the item had been a gift from a fan that Adesanya had stashed away in his suitcase.

“When the item was flagged at the airport, Israel quickly disposed of it and cooperated with authorities. He has complied accordingly. With that, the matter was dismissed, and he is on his way home.”

Even though it was an illegal item to transport, the no. 1 WWE middleweight fighter may be saved this time, given the circumstances. There is no word on who “The Last Stylebender” will fight next, but he will undoubtedly want to reclaim the title from the former Brazilian kickboxer fighter.


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