George Russell hints at upgrades as Mercedes aims for second place in the constructors’ championship ahead of Japanese GP

Mercedes AMG Petronas, the “Silver Arrows” that are known for constantly learning and developing from their mistakes, grabbed yet another podium this Sunday in the Singapore Grand Prix by none other than the fearless Lewis Hamilton. The thing that makes the car different from others is its power unit, which is vastly different from the rest of them. Mercedes split their turbocharger in half, putting the intake turbine and the compressor at opposite ends of the engine and connecting them with a long shaft.

Mercedes’s upgrades this season were huge; however, it was disclosed just recently that more upgrades are yet to come, as they prepare for the final stretch of the F1 Season.

Mercedes’ teases upcoming upgrades

Lewis Hamilton finished third, owing to his teammate crashing out in the final laps, taking another podium this season. Mercedes were not in their best form this season; however, they still have the hunger to pick up more points this season.

George Russell recently commented, “In all honesty, there’ll be a few more little things to come towards the end of the season, which will aid our learning into next season.”

They intended to fill up the gaps by introducing more upgrades at the final stage of the Singapore Grand Prix this season. They are confident in their ability and just need to put all their hard work literally into practice during the main race.

Mercedes boss aims for second place in the constructors’ championship

Toto Wolff and his fellow chiefs are looking to secure second spot in the constructors’ championship with seven races left and are hoping to further improve the Mercedes package heading into the race on the Suzuka Circuit.

Supporting the boss’s statement, Russell said, “Yeah, I think we’ve made some good gains this season. I think it’s clear that we made some mistakes ahead of the 2022 season, and again over this winter, but I’m confident that these mistakes are going to aid us and help us a lot in the future.

“And, you know, you need those setbacks, and you need those errors to set you on the right path. And I think, as a team, we’re incredibly motivated to get back to the top. And as I said, I think the lessons we’ve learned over these two years, will only help us in the years to come.”

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