Graham Potter: Why the former Brighton manager’s appointment as Chelsea head coach make sense!

Newly appointed Chelsea manager Graham Potter, 47, is a tactical masterclass who recently took over charge of the head coach at Stamford Bridge following the sad departure of famous German manager Thomas Tuchel.

Potter’s appointment was somehow controversial towards the trophy-hungry Chelsea fans, but the ownership thinks that this Englishman will develop the overall progressive attitude amongst the first-team players with his own visions.

What would be the expected aftermath of recruiting Graham Potter?

Despite a lack of experience in the Champions League or Europa League, English manager Graham Potter is a true warrior who started his coaching career from the ground level.

However, his enthusiasm and dedication made the impossible things possible, which eventually gave him today’s role at one of the biggest clubs in the history of European football.

Now let’s find out the reasons behind choosing Potter after Tuchel’s exit.

Man on a mission

At Brighton, Graham Potter took over for a well-liked manager who was fired despite having a successful season and not much different from Chelsea’s current situation.

Despite having achieved solid results, Brighton’s owners fired former manager Hughton because they believed his cautious approach to the game hampered their potential and they also desired to foster fresh talent while maintaining a good football identity which had infuriated both the media and the fans.

Todd Boehly: the Mastermind

Many people are portraying Todd Boehly and the new Chelsea FC owner as a sports-illiterate fool, but this is completely wrong because one should not forget that Boehly manages the baseball club that would be like Man City or Liverpool, where he is acting with complete knowledge of the sport.

Similar to what he did with the Dodgers, he acquired them, gave the current staff some time to adjust, and then made the decision to hire his own employees based on statistics and market insights and finally the results indicate that it has been a resounding success.

Roman Abramovich: the Better One?

Many media sources and opposition supporters have attempted to portray this as a foolish reaction and have said that the Blues haven’t evolved since the Roman era, but if anything, this decision demonstrates the complete opposite.

Future Development

With the exception of Lampard and Andre Villas Boyas, Chelsea FC only hired coaches who have a short-term outlook and even if it has an impact on the club tomorrow, the goal is to win now, but this strategy is outmoded in many ways and as a result, Potter’s hiring demonstrates a dedication to a long-term undertaking to a greater thing.

The appointment of Potter sends a strong signal from Chelsea’s owners that they are committed to our long-term success and growth and that they are willing to put up with growing pains in order to achieve sustainable growth, which is the only way they can catch Man City.

In contrast, the club is not completely changing the aesthetic direction like it did when they switched from Conte to Sarri and this It shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust because Brighton plays quite similarly to the way they do.

Making little improvements and enhancing each player individually is everything.

Focusing on ‘Progress’

Regarding outcomes, the truth is that despite this circumstances, Potter is not needed to place in the top four or win the UCL this year but the club also can’t afford to be very horrible and the fans ought to give this deeper consideration which is-Progress.

Many of Chelsea’s young players have, in fact, become underperformer over time and some have been completely disregarded. Restarting their growth and getting them moving again must be the key goal for this season.


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