“He cannot always be with me” Islam Makhachev reveals harsh truth on Khabib Nurmagomedov for not to be in his corner vs Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284

We come to this world alone and in death, we also go solo. In the meantime, we establish a family and gain some friends to help us cruise through this short life. The current lightweight champion Islam Makhachev has matured enough to understand this harsh truth of life as his long-time teammate Khabib ‘The Eagle’ Nurmagomedov will not be by his side for his first title defense.


In an interview with Fox Sports Australia, the Dagestani prodigy explained, “When the cage door close, no one is there for you. Of course, it’s going to be different but I’ve already fought without him a couple of times. And he cannot always be with me. Of course, it’s very good when he is here. I always like when he is with me because he knows all the games being played.”

The champ understands why the ‘Eagle’ needs the time off, “But I understand that he has to spend more time with his family. Because with all the fighting, and the training, his family misses him too. Even though he is retired he’s still traveling a lot. That’s why I understand.”

UFC 284 is currently stacked with a lot of great fights but most fans will be tuning in to see the main event Islam Makhachev vs Alexander Volkanovski. It’s probably the first time in Mixed Martial Arts history when the overall pound-for-pound number 1 fighter is going to fight the second-ranked guy. The stakes are extremely high and the fans are thrilled!

For Volkanovski a victory can mean earning his second belt by defeating one of the scariest fighters in the sport. That’s why the Australian is already issuing warnings to everyone so that they don’t blame the absence of Khabib should Makhachev fail to defend the title come February. For Islam, he will get promoted to the first position in the P4P rankings if he secures the win.

Who do you think wins at UFC 284? 



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