“He won’t have to sell playoff tickets”: NFL fans mock Aaron Rodgers’ new position with the Jets

The Jets QB Aaron Rodgers who is quickly recovering from his Achilles injury to make a comeback, was asked about the possibility of returning to the field by the New York Jets’ Christmas Eve game to which Rodgers gave a vague but hopeful answer, stating that he thinks anything’s possible.

When Rodgers said anything was possible about his return, fans didn’t know that it could even mean the star QB selling tickets for his team.

Aaron Rodgers joins the Jets in new role

Despite not yet ready for on-field action, Rodgers, recovering from an Achilles injury, took on a new role. The team opened the QB’s 21-day practice window, and Rodgers, in a new role, assisted in selling tickets, engaging with fans and even offering to provide a fan with extra seats from his allocation.

Aaron Rodgers
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The Jets released a video showcasing Rodgers in the team’s ticket office, making a sales pitch to a fan. He joked about offering free tickets and ultimately promised to send a pair of tickets to the fans, expressing gratitude for their support.

“So, you’re 1-0 going to games. Obviously, we need to find a way to get you back. How do we do that?”, Rodgers said in the clip. “Do we have to offer you some free tickets, or what? I don’t know if I’m authorized to do that just yet.”

The QB also thanked the fan for supporting him, stating, “Thanks for sticking with us and not s–t talking us so much.”

Aaron Rodgers, who turned 40 recently, returned to practice after being cleared for ‘functional football activity.’ This marked a progression in his rehab from an Achilles tear suffered in his Jets debut on September 11.

Rodgers hinted at a potential return earlier than expected, expressing optimism about playing in the Jets’ Dec. 10 game against the Houston Texans or the Dec. 17 matchup with the Miami Dolphins, aside from the initially targeted Christmas Eve game.

NFL community mock Aaron Rodgers’ new Jets role

The NFL community reacted with mixed opinions on Aaron Rodgers’ new role, with some suggesting he won’t have to sell playoff tickets.

One commented, “He won’t have to sell playoff tickets.”

Fans also mocked the QB for assuming this role just to earn a paycheck.

“Got to earn a paycheck.”, another wrote.

Some fans joked about the QB personally delivering ayahuasca for ticket purchases.

“If you purchase now, you can get some free ayahuasca, personally delivered by me.”

Others criticized the perceived manipulation in filming the ticket-selling interaction and also labeled the quarterback as the most manipulative person in the NFL.

“And of course they had to film it so everyone saw ‘how good of a person’ he is. The most manipulative person in the NFL.”

While Aaron Rodgers taking the role of ticket seller was just a joke, fans are eagerly anticipating some real on-field action. As the quarterback progresses in his recovery, the anticipation for his return adds further excitement among Jets fans.

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