KSI and Speed to live stream their sparring match at the same time as Jake Paul’s fight vs Andre August on Dec 15th

Speed challenges KSI for a sparring match, coinciding with the same date and time as Jake Paul’s scheduled boxing bout. KSI will be streaming this sparring session with Speed for free, precisely at 4 AM on the 15th of December.

KSI and Jake Paul have had a longstanding feud, with Jake repeatedly calling out KSI in the past, vying for the title of the best YouTuber boxer. However, KSI has consistently declined all challenges posed by The Problem Child.

Past history of KSI and his rival Jake Paul

KSI first called out the Paul brothers, both Jake Paul and Logan Paul, on February 3, 2018. After his initial boxing match against Joe Weller, which he won by a third-round technical knockout, and following the call-out to the Paul brothers, both Logan and Jake accepted the challenge.

However, as they couldn’t fight the same person simultaneously, Jake challenged KSI’s younger brother, Deji. Jake Paul’s boxing career commenced in August 2018 when he defeated British YouTuber Deji Olatunji in an amateur contest via TKO in the fifth round. Logan Paul who is now business partner with KSI, lost in his 2nd match via split decision.

Since then, Jake Paul and KSI have engaged in multiple fights, including one in which they both lost to Tommy Fury. Jake has consistently mocked him many times, and in response, KSI has always maintained silence, displaying patience. However, this is the first time where he has taken an initiative by scheduling his live sparring exactly at Paul’s fight time.

KSI and Speed past

The KSI and Speed sparring is going to be a friendly match, and to many fans, this sparring doesn’t even make sense because KSI is a boxer who has fought professionally with a good record in boxing, boasting 5 wins and 1 loss. On the other hand, Speed lacks fighting experience.

Although Speed has pushed KSI in a Sidemen football charity match and even challenged him to a sprint race in one of the Sidemen videos. In the last Sidemen charity match, Speed got a chance to prove himself when he had a penalty shoot with KSI as the goalkeeper.

He had the opportunity to show everyone that he is better than KSI. Speed is one of the most entertaining YouTubers, with over 21 million subscribers, while KSI’s main channel has over 16 million subscribers.

This sparring will indeed be fun to watch. This sparring can lead to some future disputes between KSI and Jake Paul, and maybe Speed will start his boxing career after this.


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