Heat star Bam Adebayo’s hilarious farewell present to Udonis Haslem leaves fans in laughter

The Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem announced his retirement after this season and appeared in the game against the Orlando Magic for the last time at FTX Arena yesterday.

Udonis Haslem played 20 years for the Heat and, in the meantime, won three championships for the franchise. After going undrafted in 2002, the Heat signed the local boy in 2003, and since then he has never had to look back.

Finally, it was time for him to hang up the jersey number 40 and enter into retirement life. But before doing so, the Heat arranged a pregame program to honor their longstanding warrior for his loyalty and contributions during those 20 years of professional life.

Another star, Bam Adebayo, stole the spotlight with his thoughtful farewell gift to the Heat legend. He gave the PF a rocking chair to enjoy his retirement life ahead after a long journey.

What are the fans’ reactions to the gift for Udonis Haslem?

The 42-year-old was surprised and amused by Sam’s gift; it was really useful stuff he indeed needed after all of his dedication and outstanding performance for the franchise. The fans are also entertained by such stunts.

“That’s a nice chair and fun joke at the same time..😆” a fan commented.

Another fan wrote, “Shout out to those who rock this chair!”

Haslem played 878 games for the Heat and scored an average of 7.5 points with 6.6 rebounds and 24.7 minutes per game. Later in his career, he spent more time with the coaching staff than on the court; he appeared only six times this season.

In his last game, he scored 24 points with three rebounds in 25 minutes to become the first 42-year-old to score 24 points or more in a game. We at SportsZion wish Udonis Haslem a happy and enjoyable life ahead.

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