Helmut Marko believes Carlos Sainz Jr. Suffered from the stigma of being “spoiled son” of a motorsport legend

Spanish Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr., 27, is currently driving for Ferrari despite being a renowned driver for Renault, McLaren, and Red Bull on previous occasions with envious skills and extraordinary performance.

Despite shining on sole perseverance and relentlessness, Sainz has been driving under the shadow of his father, Carlos Sainz Senior, who also used to be a World Rally Champion for a couple of time on his illustrious career. 

Why Carlos Sainz Jr could not manage to get out of his father’s legacy?

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr is currently sitting in the fourth spot in F1’s overall driver’s standings, just behind his own teammate Charles Leclerc, despite winning his first pole position and race win at Silverstone last month.

Since previously racing for Red Bull, Carlos has often been criticized and humiliated in different situations, most notably for his family heritage.

Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen

Former Austrian racing driver Helmut Marko, 79, who is currently playing the role of Red Bull’s Driver Developmental Head, was amongst the few who openly agonized over the Spanish driver for his father’s legacy.

The Austrian racing pundit once praised Max Verstappen over Carlos Sainz by saying, “For a long time he lived in the shadow of his father, the two-time world rally champion.”

Mr. Marko definitely indicated that Sainz was unlucky to remain in the shadows of Verstappen during his Red Bull days, and the Spanish also did not show enough effort to mark special footsteps and go ahead of his father, Mr. Sainz Senior.

Carlos Sainz Junior was then lauded by Helmut Marko for an advantage over the Dutch driver, and Mr. Marko then analytically explained that Sainz was experienced enough to beat Max at any stage of the race, but it was the ‘Faster Driver Award’ which definitely goes under Verstappen’s name. 


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