Henry Cejudo takes brutal jibe at Conor McGregor: “Your grappling is so you bad you can’t even submit a clean urine sample”

In his attempt to reclaim the bantamweight title against Aljamain Sterling yesterday, Henry Cejudo was unsuccessful. However, Triple C and none other than Conor McGregor started to exchange fiery words in Twitter. 

What did Conor McGregor say to Henry Cejudo after the UFC 288 title fight? 

In the year of the returning champions, former double champion Henry Cejudo made his octagon comeback following a three-year sabbatical. Jon Jones also made a comeback this year after a three-year absence. Triple C also attempted a glorious comeback, but Funk Master outplayed him, so he wasn’t completely successful. 

Conor is always available to remark on every major events of Ultimate Fighting Championship. According to his activities, the Irish superstar says or does things solely to remain relevant at this point. McGregor didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of Henry on Twitter. 

“Easiest money I’ve ever made. Not a scratch on Aljo! Congrats Funk Master! Good little fighter is Henry but give it a rest with these agendas all the time.” said Conor 

The Notorious, a former two-division champion as well, has been absent from the octagon for close to two years. In the latter half of this year, McGregor will face Michael Chandler. Conor, though, chose to side with Sterling and argued with Henry. 

“The guy is sub 20 fights in his career. His little feints and all ahaha omg please teach me mastermind lol. Done the splits like a stripper and got dumped on his ass he did hahaha oh lord it’s tasty.” Conor added. 

How did Triple C responded to The Notorious jab? 

 Triple C accomplished just about everything a UFC fighter could aspire to throughout his mixed martial arts career. The Olympic gold medalist didn’t take a rest; instead, he instantly counterattacked The Notorious. 

“Hey @TheNotoriousMMA Your grappling is so you bad you can’t even submit a clean urine sample. I’ve seen more intimidating men on a can of Bud Light.” Cejudo tweeted.

Conor has won titles in the lightweight and featherweight weight classes. Cejudo has held titles in the flyweight and bantamweight weight classes. The two are one of the four UFC fighters that were able to simultaneously hold crowns in two distinct weight classes.

It’s now interesting because Cejudo previously expressed that he wants to challenge Alexander Volkanovski for the featherweight belt, while a pumped-up Conor is most likely going to compete in the welterweight class when he makes his return to the octagon. 

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