Henry Cejudo vs Merab Dvalishvili? Triple C bold take on potential bout vs ‘Machine’ in UFC: ‘‘Fastest return to the title shot’’

The king of strategizing, Henry Cejudo, is ready to retake his throne as he prepares for a potential UFC showdown with the powerful “Machine,” Merab Dvalishvili. With a much bolder proclamation of the “fastest return to the title shot,” Cejudo is seriously leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of glory.

Cejudo voluntarily had given up the UFC bantamweight title exactly three years ago. However, he’s now more than willing to go to much greater lengths to earn it back.

Merab Dvalishvili injury update

Merab Dvalishvili, the tenacious warrior of the Octagon, is confronted with a valiant battle to overcome injury and regain his fighting condition. Bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling’s close buddy and training partner Dvalishvili (16-4) has been out due to right-hand surgery he had in May. His enthralling UFC momentum has momentarily come to an end due to this setback.

After losing to Aljamain Sterling by split decision at UFC 288, Cejudo made it obvious that he has no intention of retiring and that winning the coveted title is his only priority. “This is part of the storyline,” speaking to ESPN, Cejudo weaved his narrative, stating, “I think it’s going to make my story that much greater. That’s the angle I’m looking at it now.”

Cejudo has set his sights on Merab Dvalishvili, a difficult and highly-ranked opponent in the bantamweight division, in his quest for atonement. This confrontation would have to wait until the autumn, though, as Dvalishvili is still recovering from hand surgery he had in May. In the meanwhile, Sterling will face Sean O’Malley in August to defend his championship.

Cejudo considers his alternatives and determines that facing Dvalishvili would be the quickest way to win back the title. “That’s my fastest return to the title shot,” Cejudo said. “Whether Sean wins or Aljamain wins and relinquishes, who knows? It could be me and Merab fighting for a vacant belt.” Cejudo is pretty ready to pen an amazing comeback tale with his smart thinking and unyielding tenacity.

Is Henry Cejudo vs Merab Dvalishvili confirmed?

Other options for the former two-weight champion exist, such as a potential fight with the current flyweight champion Brandon Moreno or a move up to the featherweight class, but Cejudo is still focused on reestablishing himself in the bantamweight ranks before looking to other horizons.

Against former champion and top challenger Max Holloway, the audacious Henry Cejudo intends to make his 145-pound debut. He understands that his success at bantamweight will determine whether the UFC will embrace such a move. “The reason I did come back to 135 was to go through, win a couple matches, move up and fight [featherweight champion] Alexander Volkanovski if he still had the belt,” Cejudo stated.

Henry Cejudo

“I wouldn’t be opposed to [moving up] if they’re going to sideline me after my fight with Merab or if nothing takes place. “I need leverage. I know my potential, even though I’m coming off a split decision loss. Once I get this pop going, these dudes are still in trouble. But right now, I feel I would need leverage [to move up to featherweight]. I campaigned ’til the fat lady sang before, and they could have given it to me then.

That’s more of a question for the UFC.” Future fights between Cejudo and Dvalishvili could be a turning point in Cejudo’s quest for championship success as the chessboard of matches plays out. Fight fans, brace yourselves, as Triple C is back and ready to reclaim his dominance in the turbulent world of bantamweight competition.


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