“He’s a legend at what he’s been able to do through the sport as well as in business” T.J Dillashaw brands Conor McGregor as a Legend

Conor McGregor has been hailed a “legend” by his former UFC rival and former two-time bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw for his abilities in both sports and business. 

TJ Dillashaw and Conor McGregor have a heated rivalry that dates back to the early days of McGregor’s career as a mixed martial artist in the UFC. 

The Irishman referred to then-bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw as a “snake in the grass” in the midst of controversy involving him, his coach Duane Ludwig, and colleague Urijah Faber, who was McGregor’s opposition coach on the show.

Dillashaw is seeking to reclaim the bantamweight title for the third time after being suspended for using a prohibited substance. Meanwhile, McGregor has risen and fallen through the featherweight and lightweight world title ranks, with the duo never actually crossing paths again after that incident.

However, the American acknowledges that McGregor’s achievements both inside and outside the octagon, where he won gold at 145lb and 155lb simultaneously, have elevated him to the ranks of the greats.

While “Lieutenant Dan” recently acknowledged Conor McGregor as a contemporary fighter. Claiming that while competing in the UFC, the Irishman achieved the stature of legend.

Conor McGregor is called a Legend by T.J. Dillashaw

In a recent interview before his bout with Aljamain Sterling at UFC 280, the former two-time bantamweight Champion stated that they haven’t spoken in a long time, but he respects his career.

“The guy’s too f***ing busy, I’m sure,” Dillashaw said when asked if they had linked up afterward. “He’s a legend at what he’s been able to do through the sport as well as in business. At the beginning of my career, I liked to hate on him because I was the champion at the time and he was trying to make his way up.” 

McGregor notoriously accused ‘Lieutenant Dan’ of being a “snake in the grass” back in the day after he (McGregor) expected Dillashaw to leave his longtime coach Uriah Faber and his Team Alpha Male, to join coach Duane Ludwig.

Considering McGregor’s recent inability to achieve consistency in the octagon, Dillashaw believes he is “on top of the world.” The Irishman has gone 1-3 since winning his second undisputed belt in 2016, but he has earned hundreds of millions of dollars through his boxing and companies, notably Proper Twelve whiskey.


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