135-pound GOAT T.J. Dillashaw coming for the title: Aljamain Sterling, “see why I’m confident that the rat cheater TJ will be cheating again”

T.J. Dillashaw, a former two-time UFC bantamweight champion, has a strong record with 17 wins out of 21 octagon appearances, eight of which came by way of knockout, while the American has also suffered four defeats.

In 2019, Lieutenant Dan was accused and found guilty of using drug substances (EPO) while he was competing against Henry Cejudo, which resulted in a two-year suspension from the USADA and the relinquishing of his bantamweight title.

However, in 2021, the former champion returned to the octagon and secured a split decision victory over Cory Sandhagen, and is now eyeing the UFC Bantamweight title. The Denver resident is set to take down the current UFC bantamweight title holder, Aljamain Sterling, on October 22, 2022, at the main co-event of UFC 280 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

In a recent interview, while answering the question of how he would feel if he became champion again, Dillashaw reminded everyone that he never lost his title. Because of the circumstances, Mr. Lieutenant had to abandon the title. The American still possesses the quality to regain the title, and he will certainly do it.

“When I’m champ again, it’s going to be great. I never left. I never lost my belt in this weight class. Yeah, I was stripped, but I never actually physically lost it. People forget how dominant I was because I hadn’t been in there.”

“I hadn’t been performing. I hold a lot of records in the bantamweight division, and just because of the time off, they forget. So I’m going to have to remind them all who the best is, who the best pound-for-pound is, and that 135-pound GOAT. I’m coming for it.”

Referring to an Aljamain tweet of a 13 hours flight to Dubai, Dillashaw accused Sterling of being afraid to face him and said that the title challenger has a solid chance to win the bout.

“I feel like if you’ve got to build something up, I think he’s already building excuses for why I’m going to beat him and trying to play that mental warfare, but it ain’t going to work with me.”

While referring to Dillashaw as a “rat cheater,” Aljamain responded as well. In his most recent tweet, the running champion referred to Dillashaw’s bad deed again and expressed concern that Lieutenant Dan would be taking drugs again.

“I’m confident that the rat cheater TJ will be cheating again.”

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