How did Jaden McDaniels break his hand? exploring bitter truth

The Minnesota Timberwolves are likely to find it difficult to lock horns with the Los Angeles Lakers in their upcoming game. The wolves are creating headlines for some causes which might create troubles for the team in the next battles.

In a recent match, the Minnesota small forward Jaden McDaniels did something foolish while the team was battling against the New Orleans Pelicans and his team is bearing the brunt of his act.

So, let’s discover more of the story exploring the bitter rule associated with Jaden’s injury.

How did Jaden McDaniels break his hand?

The 22 years old professional basketball player found his chance to make his debut on the NBA court through the 2020 NBA draft. Los Angeles Lakers selected him as the 28th overall pick and was traded to Oklahoma City Thunder then Minnesota Timberwolves.

Jaden’s heart may be still young and but he knows how to make the best use of every blessing offered to live. And with the spirit, he is going ahead. In the recent match between his team and Pelican, Timberwolves won by 113-108.

However, Jaden experienced an unexpected event during the first half of the match. It was his 79th career start and he had high hopes concerning the match. After encountering his second foul, he rushed to the locker room.

Jaden McDaniels

Jaden McDaniels was very disappointed with his own performance and sad too. Out of frustration and anger, he lost control of himself and punched the nearby wall with his right hand. As a result, he got injured badly and was seen icing his hand during the entire second quarter as he was unable to appear on the court for playing.

So, the NBA star is most likely to stay out of the remaining season because of his injuries. As the star player of the team, his absence will indeed make the Timberwolves suffer in their next match with the Lakers.

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