“How f***king tall are you?”: Israel Adesanya “shocked” Hollywood megastar Jason Mamoa

The highly anticipated UFC 287 event is fast approaching. With only a few days remaining until the middleweight belt clash between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira.

These two fighters have a long-standing rivalry that goes back to their kickboxing days. And this upcoming fight marks the fourth time they will face each other.

While Adesanya is no stranger to big fights. This bout is especially significant for him as it could determine whether or not he can regain his middleweight belt from his opponent, also known as ‘Poatan’.

Israel Adesanya in black shorts in action during UFC 234 at Rod Laver Arena Melbourne Australia. Sunday 10th February 2019.

If Adesanya emerges victorious, it would be a major accomplishment in his career. However, if he suffers a defeat, it could set him back significantly.

Both contenders have put in extensive effort in preparation for their upcoming UFC fight. Adesanya’s social media updates have revealed that the former champion has been dedicated to maintaining his physical form.

Interestingly, not everyone has considered Adesanya’s height, which was brought to the attention of Hollywood’s Aquaman, Jason Momoa. The two crossed paths while Adesanya was en route to Miami for his upcoming belt match at UFC 287, and they had a brief exchange.

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya towering over others 

Momoa was taken aback by Adesanya’s towering stature, exclaiming, “Damn, Adesanya is freaking tall!”

Adesanya posted a YouTube video documenting his journey to Miami, Florida, where he was scheduled to face his long-standing opponent. The footage captured the moment when the Nigerian fighter greeted Hollywood celebrity, Jason, with a handshake.

As they conversed, Jason revealed his surprise at Adesanya’s height, confessing that he was taken aback by the fighter’s stature as he appeared much taller than he had anticipated.

Momoa said, “I was shocked, I was shocked how f*king tall are you” He added, “I was f*cking..Man, what’s your weight? Middleweight?“

Adesanya took to Twitter on February 19th to share a snapshot of himself, Dave Chappelle, and Jason Momoa. In the accompanying post, ‘The Last Stylebender’ referred to Jason as his “hot mate”.

As UFC 287 approaches the Miami-Dade Arena in Florida, the entire UFC community is eagerly anticipating the middleweight belt match between Adesanya and Pereira. Adesanya has already arrived in Miami and is gearing up for the highly anticipated fight.

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