How much are Anthony Edwards’ Adidas AE1 signature sneakers?  Exploring Timberwolves SG’s official shoe drop

The Minnesota Timberwolves shooting guard Anthony Edwards, brings an explosion of energy to the game. Nicknamed the “Ant Man,” Anthony is hella strong just like the marvel character. He is also considered to be a player of great potential who has a lot of charisma and is also very likeable.

Anthony was selected as the No 1 overall pick by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 2020 NBA draft. As the basketball star continues to dazzle on the courts, his partnership with Adidas has also seemingly taken flight.

How much are Anthony Edwards’ Adidas AE1 signature sneakers?

Anthony Edwards new Adidas AE1 signature sneakers will be hitting the shelves on December 2023. Anthony Edwards is a young star with lots of potential and Adidas wants to capture that energy and engrave it on their shoes. The sneakers would be sold for $120 USD. Needless to say, the young star is excited regarding his partnership with Adidas.

“The launch of the AE1 is without a doubt, one of the pinnacles of my career and life to date”, Edwards said in a press release.

“Having the support of Adidas Basketball, joining basketball legends who I’ve looked up to on their roster, is a dream come true. This is just the beginning- believe that.”

Global general manager of Adidas Basketball Eric wise, added, “Anthony Edwards is the true definition of what it means to be a superstar. His journey is already legendary, representing hope, determination, and boundless potential to so many- and his future promises to shine even brighter. Ant’s unstoppable athleticism, love for the game, commitment to his family, and unwavering loyalty make him one of one, and Adidas is thrilled to welcome him to our signature roster.”

Though the shoe is carefully thought about and well-constructed, many argued it is missing the charisma which Edwards displays. The quality might not be bad, but several fans have expressed their dislike towards the design of the shoes.

Anthony Edwards officially drops his Adidas AE1 signature sneakers in Atlanta

Months after Anthony Edwards’s first signature shoe surfaced online, Adidas has officially unveiled the NBA star’s debut sneakers in Atlanta.

The sleek sneaker makes its debut in a neutral white and black option, alongside a terracotta orange, as well as a true orange and black iteration. The herringbone blades provide a better grip while A TPU overlay allows a flexible movement in all directions. The sneaker’s inner lining comes as a part of the shoe, resulting in a fitted sock like ankle.

The shoe focuses on speed and agility and is constructed with a flexible knit upper and a unique split tongue design.

What are your thoughts on Anthony Edwards’ new signature shoes? Have you gotten yourself a pair? Let us know in the comments.

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