How much money has Michael Jordan spent on cigars? looking at his habit of smoking

Who doesn’t know about Michael Jordan? This man has made his name undetachable with that of the NBA. In 2003, he bade his final goodbye to the courts with millions of fortune on hand. However, his addiction to smoking ate up a huge chunk of his income till now.

So, let’s have a look at the stats of his smoking spending along with his extravagant nature.

Michael Jordan spent $500,000 to $940,000 on cigars alone

The sport itself is indebted to him to a greater extent for giving it new hype with his mesmerizing athletics. This six-time NBA Championship winner did his best to elevate the game to the verge of mega popularity. Holding his hands, the NBA community reached a new height of stardom over the years.

The NBA legend’s love and craze for smoking isn’t unknown to the sporting world. During his playing days, he used to fire up cigarettes before each and every game. Upon retiring, he ate up 6 pieces every day. In an interview, Jordan mentioned he has to spend $14-$24 for every cigar of his preferred brand.

So, those stats give an approximate value of $500,000 to $940,000 which he utilized only to enjoy a splash of the tobacco sensation in his mouth.

Michael Jordan has spent between $550k to $940k on cigars!": The Bulls  legend has so much money to burn for his addiction that he spends $14-24  per cigar - The SportsRush

MJ enjoys every ounce of his money

The former Chicago Bulls player is one of the richest basketball players ever with billionaire status. So, he possesses the ability to give a positive nod to his material needs and demands. Moreover, Jordan does so by spending with open hands to fulfill his lavish and luxurious desires.

Well, the NBA pro’s love for cigars is justified based on the fact that he did his best during his tenure to earn a considerable fortune to say yes to all of his desires.

What are your thoughts on MJ and his out-of-the-world money-spending habits? You can share your impression of Michael Jordan’s weakness for cigars in the comment section below.

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