How much will Francis Ngannou allegedly make fighting Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia?

Francis Ngannou “The Predator” is a professional heavyweight MMA fighter and a well-known personality in the MMA world. The Cameroonian personality has recently agreed to a fight with British boxer Anthony Joshua.

However, while the fight itself has garnered enough media attention, the actual highlight seems to be on the amount that Ngannou is set to make from this fight. Is it more of a fight with passion for the sport or a cash out for the Cameroonian?

What is Francis Ngannou’s estimated Anthony Joshua fight earnings?

The superstar Ngannou is set to earn a substantial eight figure amount with the upcoming fight. His agent has confirmed that Ngannou will be earning $10 million in a substantial payday for the boxing match against Anthony Joshua.

This is also related to the fact that the fight takes place in Saudi Arabia, instantly making it a lucrative match with the country’s huge economy and recent bid to get into the global sports market.

Ngannou has always been a force to be reckoned with and is a global icon which warrants his massive earnings. However, these are not the only reasons why he commands the popularity. Ngannou is a former heavyweight champion in the UFC with impressive records and feats, making him an instant favorite for this highly anticipated fight.

Francis Ngannou vows to seize Anthony Joshua ‘soul’ in Saudi Arabia

While Ngannou is a global phenomenon, his adversary for the match is Anthony Joshua, an equally popular fighter, but perhaps not as much as a household name as Ngannou. However, Joshua stands to make a huge amount from this event, much to ire of many.

Ngannou is a well-respected boxer but an even more respected trash talker. The upcoming event has Ngannou vowing to seize the “soul” of Joshua Edwards, in classic Ngannou fashion. Ngannou is well renowned for having a destructive punch and it seems as though he intends to fully deliver on the trash talk that he dished out to Joshua.

The sport has always seen trash talk as commonplace, and athletes talking to each other in such ways. Ngannou, too, is famous for his trash talk as was the case with his fight with Mayweather. The drama around these sorts of statements is necessary to the sport as they add some much needed “spice” to the matches and events themselves, and makes the fans anticipate the fights even more so.

Though it may seem there is bad blood between the two, it is an illusion as mutual respect runs between both fighters as proven before.

With the stage set and all eyes on the fight, the anticipation is building. Is this to be the future of fights and events? It certainly seems to be a trend as fighters are earning more than they ever have before. Regardless of the outcome, the event itself is advantageous to the growth of the sport on a global platform.

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