How Neymar Jr mother’s bisexual boyfriend got into a relation with a cook

PSG superstar Neymar Jr made the world amazed with his excellent skills and superb finishing since his Barcelona days and also became the highest scorer for Brazil by surpassing the all time legend Pele.

Brazil skipper’s personal life activities do not provide much decency in compared to the popularity he gained on the pitch as his mother once dated a young lad who was alleged to have a bisexual relationship with the chef of their family.         

Who is Neymar Mother’s boyfriend? 

Neymar Jr mother’s boyfriend, Thiago Ramos, is a 26 year old former Brazilian footballer who went on to date Nadine Goncalves for the last couple of years and it was reported that the Brazilian superstar also sent his blessings towards the couple.

Thiago Ramos

How did Thiago Ramos get close with Neymar’s family cook?

Extra and Lance is a media organization from Brazil which once claimed that Thiago Ramos is a bisexual person and had previous wicked relationships with Neymar’s adviser Irinaldo Oliver, the famous social media influencer Carlinhos Maia, and finally with Mauro who was the cook of Nadine’s family.

It is speculated that Thiago came close to Mauro after visiting Neymar Jr’s mother Nadine during their relationship over the years. 

Did Thiago Ramos cheat on Nadine Gonçalves?

According to different media reports, the relationship between Neymar’s mother and Thiago Ramos often gets blurry because of Thiago’s peculiar sexual orientation and even their dating life seen a lot of ups and downs but it was Nadine who sacrificed the most and forgave Thiago on a couple of occasions. 

As of today, Thiago and Nadine are still dating despite breaking up for a couple of times before and they spend most of their times at Neymar’s residence in Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

Neymar’s mother’s thoughts on dating a bisexual guy

Ms. Nadine Goncalves, 55, lost her husband in 2016 and after few years, she started dating gamer-model Thiago who is 29 years younger than her. 

Neymar’s mother never really revealed her true affections for Thiago publicly, but it is speculated that she might have had a close bond with the model, who loves to remain bisexual despite experiencing instabilities in dating life.


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