‘I Couldn’t Imagine life without you’ Dustin Poirier opens up about his family supporting him to be successful in his UFC career

UFC no.1 Lightweight contender Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier has paid tribute to his wife and daughter for supporting him in his quest of building a successful career.

Poirier, 33, is one of the veterans of the UFC and the lightweight division itself. Having amassed a total of 36 fights, and 28 victories, Poirier credits a lot of success to his wife Jolie, and daughter Parker-Noelle. The Lafayette, Louisiana native has always been very vocal about the love and support he has received from his wife ever since his career began. From amateur boxing to fighting in the biggest mixed martial arts franchise, Jolie has always been by Dustin’s side.


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The diamond has always emphasized how he would not have been able to face the adversity in his career without the support from his wife. With Jolie’s support, Dustin has been able to overcome defeats in the UFC and is a two-time title challenger. Although he fell short at the last hurdle of becoming a champion, he has still had a very respectable career.

In a sport where one defeat can have a very seismic impact, it is very essential to be patient and perseverant to be successful. Having the right people around in the times when the weathers are tough is very crucial, but Poirier seems to have found the ideal company in his wife and daughter.

Poirier is coming off a loss against the lightweight champion, Charles “DuBronx” Oliveira, and is expected to fight Nate Diaz next. A fight with former teammate and #1 UFC Welterweight Colby “Chaos” Covington could also be on the horizon as the two have gone back and forth on social media, and shared some history.

Whoever his opponent is, Dustin can be sure that his wife and daughter will be there to support him through his fight camps and the actual fight. 

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