“I didn’t touch that girl” Ex-Barcelona star Dani Alves denies alleged rape claim to wife Joana Sanz amid facing possible jail sentence

Brazilian soccer superstar Dani Alves has been in jail since being arrested following a sexual assault accusation. Last Tuesday, a court decided to keep Alves in jail without bail until his trial, because of the “high risk of flight”. He had been arrested for sexually assaulting a young lady in Barcelona.

The decision affected Dani very much and reportedly he stayed in his cell all morning, being silent and in deep thoughts. He has stayed in jail for more than one month now.

The sexual assault reportedly took place in the bathroom at a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30. Alves was arrested while returning from Brazil to Spain on January 20.

He has since been in jail without bail. Dani initially denied any wrongdoings, but later admitted to having consensual sex with the accuser.

If he is convicted he could face up to 12 years in prison, which is Spain’s maximum punishment.

Now Dani has given another account of what happened that night. According to the Spanish newspaper Ara, Dani claimed in his last statement that he was the victim instead.

He said that the young woman had barged into the VIP bathroom and performed oral sex. He said he didn’t consent nor refuse it.

His words were, “She went straight at me, I didn’t touch that girl. The truth is that I wanted to protect this young lady.”

He has repeatedly changed his words first claiming he didn’t ever meet her, then admitting to consensual sex, and now claiming himself as the victim.

Spanish TV show ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ has revealed that Dani has called his wife Joana Sanz twice. He has apologized to her repeatedly and given her accounts of what happened that night.

They also assert that to avoid having to explain himself to her he “assured Joana that he did not remember anything of that night because he was drunk”.

Previously, reports came that Joana Sanz wanted to divorce Dani following the admission of Dani that he had consensual sex with the assaulted girl. Before she had supported her husband.

Joana Sanz has also deleted every photo of her with Dani Alves from her social media accounts. She had previously uploaded a picture of their hands intertwined with the words ‘Together’ after Dani’s arrest.

The couple has been married since 2017, first meeting in 2015. Joana was a supermodel based in Madrid when they first met. Dani was also married before Joana Sanz. He was married to his ex-wife Dinora Santana from 2008 to 2011 and the pair have two kids.

The former Barcelona man is without a club as his contract with Mexican club Puma was torn up. The club is also preparing to sue him for millions of dollars due to that. Dani Alves is the most decorated footballer in history, however off the pitch, it seems the opposite.

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