“I do, it never ends” Michael Jordan admits he never backs down from trash talk or competition with his sons

There has never been a more formidable opponent for Michael Jordan than he. The six-time NBA champion defeated the league’s finest opponents throughout the span of a 20-year NBA career. It’s been nearly a decade since he retired, yet nobody can equal his ferocity and tenacity.

Jordan’s will to succeed sets the bar higher than anybody else’s. Still, Chicago Bulls legend MJ continues to impress while playing pick-up basketball with his sons, Marcus and Jeffrey, amid his retirement.

In 2007, NBA Today conducted a joint interview with MJ and his eldest son, Jeffrey. In the same year, Jeffrey Jordan enrolled at the University of Illinois and began participating in basketball games. As a walk-on, Jeffrey succeeded in getting a berth on the Division One squad. The interviewer probed MJ about his expectations for his children and whether or not they shared his basketball DNA.

Jordan claimed that his competitive genes were passed down to his boys. He admitted that when he played with his children, their competitiveness often led to trash talking. The GOAT further disclosed that on a smaller court, Jeffrey preferred to limit his movement and relied on his adaptability. Jeffrey also disclosed that MJ never holds back and always replies the trash talks. He stated, “I do, it never ends I end. It ends when I finish.”

Being the son of the greatest NBA player is never simple, because it comes with whole lot of expectations from the fans. He claimed to have taught Jeffrey how to create his own goals. Jordan never pushed his children to play basketball; instead, he allowed them make that decision on their own. The journalist then questioned Jeffrey on how he would handle people’s high expectations of him as Michael Jordan’s son.

“I guess the way I’ve been dealing with this since high school… It’s just, you gotta put it aside. Since I was young and playing basketball, every time I had a problem with expectations-people thinking I was supposed to be somebody I’m not, I always came to my parents first,” said Jeffrey.


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