Panthers reportedly considering Christian McCaffrey as potential #1 RB

NFL teams are particularly interested in the stupendously skilled star running back, Christian McCaffrey. Although his current team, the Carolina Panthers, isn’t looking to trade McCaffrey yet, they are listening to the offers. The team is in talks with other teams about a possible trade for the running back, though a deal may be difficult to negotiate.

The Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams and Buffalo Bills are among the teams to have expressed interest in McCaffrey, some reports suggest. But what is it that attracts the big franchises towards this RB? 

Apart from his talent, the star’s contract situation is the answer to this question. The former Pro Bowler reduced his basic pay for the 2022 season to just $1.035 million during the spring, which means that any team that acquires him in a trade would have little trouble fitting his deal under the salary limit. Yet, bagging this jewel is not going to be easy for any team.

Listening does not imply that the team is dealing McCaffrey. If the Panthers do not receive a genuine offer, such as a high selection pick or multiple draft picks, they are determined that they will keep McCaffrey past the NFL’s Nov. 1 trade deadline. So the biggest challenge for any team trying to pursue McCaffery would be to persuade the panthers with a suitable offer. 

Although, getting this top ranked running back on their side would be a profitable deal for any team. Whoever gets McCaffrey will get three years and $36 million through 2025, with $1 million of his 2023 base guaranteed.

This 26-year-old star has the potential to excel on the field. He is in a good form this season after getting back from injury. He has appeared in all five games this season, gaining 324 yards on 72 carries and scoring twice. He has 26 passes for 188 yards and a touchdown.  His performance explains why is this trade getting so much attention.

Which team do you think will have the last laugh by signing this star RB? Let us know!

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