‘I don’t make the rules baby I break them’ Conor McGregor expresses delight after being labelled ‘most famous Irishman in history’

Conor McGregor is without a doubt one of the most controversial figures in the UFC. The Irish MMA fighter thrives on being the focus of public attention, even when he is not competing. Recently, he shared a tweet in which he was identified as the most famous Irish person in history.

In May 2021, a Twitter account called t-holy responded to another account’s question about who the most famous Polish person is. T-holy replied with a colorful global map that featured one notable person from each country. Conor surprised everyone by making it onto that map for Ireland.

Conor McGregor with the flag of Ireland

After seven months, The Notorious must have seen the tweet in which he was referred to as the most famous Irish person ever. Conor has shared the tweet with a short yet witty caption.

” Nice! Real nice!” Conor added an Irish flag and a shamrock emoji to the caption.

Many would disagree, as there are many notable Irish personalities, including musician Bono, poet WB Yeats, Hollywood actor Liam Neeson, novelist James Joyce, playwright Oscar Wilde, Irish president Mary Robinson, revolutionary leader Michael Collins, and many more. McGregor, on the other hand, appears to be perfectly comfortable with someone on the internet labeling him as the most famous Irish person.

Someone in the comments section questioned the accuracy of the information on the map. A girl called Daniela stated that putting the former UFC featherweight and lightweight double-champion on the map was not the best decision for whoever designed it.

”In other words, in Ireland they put Conor Mcgregor and not James Joyce already shows the mentality of the man who made this map.” she commented on that post.

The Notorious, on the other hand, responded to her in his trademark style. 

‘I don’t make the rules baby I break them.’ McGregor replied.

The Irish UFC fighter was sidelined for over a year due to an injury. McGregor, however, is recovering quickly and has many fights scheduled for early next year. UFC fans can always find plenty to talk about when the Irishman isn’t competing, thanks to his often contentious social media activities.

Don’t forget to give your thoughts on who you believe is the most famous Irish person of all time.

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