NFL trade rumors: Cowboys to make a phone call to Falcons for Kyle Pitts

Kyle Pitts has been out of the Falcons team for quite a while now due to his knee injury and surgery- it was against the Chicago Bears on the 21st of November when he played his last match this season. After a month since his last appearance and with the season coming to a close, Kyle is once again the “talk of the town.”

Kyle Pitts trade rumors
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This season, Pitts has played a total of ten games where he ran 356 yards while making 28 receptions; with 12.7 receiving yards per reception, he made two receiving touchdowns. With Kyle’s immense potential, it can be said that the Falcon could not use his talent with accurate intensity. 

As of late, rumors are circulating that the tight end might be traded to other teams, especially the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys showed interest in the player in 2021 when the world was locked in due to the pandemic. During that time, the Cowboys contacted the player asking questions regarding his skills and critical opponents. 

However, it would be deplorable and unfair towards the player if the Falcons engaged him in a trade, as they cannot bring out the player’s true potential and utilize him.

Why are the Cowboys after Pitts?

The cowboys have played superbly this season, with eleven clean victories out of fifteen encounters. However, the team from Dallas in recent times is facing injury issues as their top running back- Tony Pollard is officially ruled questionable.

Furthermore, the Cowboys have an excellent defensive lineup, and even though they are winning games, they want to destroy their opponents with a “freakish” attack. 

Pitts was an intriguing player to watch in 2021, and he continues to stand out as a one-of-a-kind performer today. So the Cowboys must find out if there is any discontent in Atlanta or a feeling of “poor fit” if they are willing to get Kyle on board.

Which team is the perfect fit for Kyle Pitts? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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