“I gotta slow down” Lakers’ LeBron James drops major hint on his future during NBA All-Star Game

LeBron James, the legendary basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, made headlines during the 2023 NBA All-Star Game, despite only playing in the first half of the game.

The 19-time All-Star player had recently become the leading scorer in NBA history, a feat that was celebrated during the halftime ceremony. However, it was LeBron’s comments during the game that really caught people’s attention.

LeBron injured his pinky finger during the first half of the game, which kept him from returning for the second half. However, it was what he said during those two quarters that made people sit up and take notice.

With speculation swirling about how much longer he planned to play, LeBron dropped a major hint about his future. “I gotta slow down. Couple more years,” he said.

This statement suggests that he may be looking to retire in the near future.

A father-Son duo?

Many fans have wondered if LeBron will stay in the NBA long enough to play alongside his son, Bronny James. If his comment during the All-StarGame is any indication, he may be planning to do just that. Bronny is still a couple of years away from being eligible for the NBA Draft, and LeBron’s statement suggests that he may be looking to extend his career long enough to play with his son.


Despite his impressive All-Star Game appearance record, LeBron knows that he has more pressing matters to focus on right now. The Lakers are currently in 13th place in the Western Conference and are struggling to make it to the playoffs. With only 23 games left in the season, LeBron and his team need to stay focused on the task at hand and work towards a strong finish.

LeBron James has had an incredible career, and his comments during the 2023 NBA All-Star Game have left fans wondering what the future holds for the four-time NBA champion.

Will he retire in a couple of years, or will he continue to play long enough to share the court with his son? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: LeBron’s legacy in the NBA will be remembered for generations to come.



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