“I have no plans” Conor McGregor’s UFC comeback opponent Michael Chandler dismisses chances of joining WWE after retiring from MMA

Michael Chandler, the top-seeded UFC fighter, has made it amply clear that he has no interest in entering the WWE arena when his MMA career comes to an end. While numerous UFC fighters have been scouring different avenues to increase their stardom and income, including professional wrestling, Chandler has no intention of following suit.

It has become quite common for UFC fighters to embark outside of the Octagon, with some even entering the WWE ring. However, Chandler does not see himself as a fit for professional wrestling life. Despite potentially making an occasional cameo appearance in the WWE, he has no interest in being a full-time wrestler. On a YouTube Q&A session that Chandler presented, he was asked if he would consider joining the WWE where the fighter came up with the following statement,

I have no plans of going into the WWE. I have enjoyed my mixed martial arts career, I would love to maybe make a cameo here and there in WWE, but that life does not interest me,” he said. “Those guys are on the road all the time, beating up their bodies. I know it’s “scripted” if you will, but those bumps that they take are real. Those jumps and those landings and those flips and those slams and all those things are real, so I have no intentions of WWE. However, I would love to do a cameo, so Vince McMahon holler at me.” Chandler replied. 

Michael Chandler Chooses His Body Over WWE: Maintains Popularity through Occasional Cameos

As someone who has seen the bodily toll that MMA takes on health, Chandler does not want to put his body through the rigors of professional wrestling. While the moves might be scripted, the bumps and slams are very real and can cause substantial injuries.

Michael Chandler

Chandler appreciates the physicality of professional wrestling but comprehends that it is not for him. Despite his undersupply of interest in entering the WWE, Chandler’s popularity and success in MMA could direct to periodic one-off appearances in the WWE.

As he approaches the end of his MMA career, these opportunities could be a delightful way for Chandler to stay connected to his fans and explore new challenges outside of the Octagon.

Chandler’s forthcoming fight against Conor McGregor is eagerly expected, and it will likely enrich his prominence in the MMA world even further. 

“The Octagon is his Arena: Why Chandler and his Decision to Stick to MMA is a Knockout Move”

Chandler’s passion for his profession and dedication to physical fitness will serve him well as he pursues his MMA career. In conclusion, Michael Chandler’s decision to not pursue a career in the WWE after his MMA journey ends is a wise one. Despite the increasing trend of UFC fighters venturing into other avenues, Chandler recognizes the physical toll that professional wrestling can take on the body.

While Chandler may not evolve into a full-time wrestler, his standing and performance in MMA may lead to irregular WWE appearances, fetching fresh challenges and opportunities to stay connected with his fans. Chandler’s choice to concentrate completely on MMA will pay many dividends as he prepares for his highly anticipated battle against Conor McGregor, confirming his standing as a top-ranked UFC fighter.

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