“Worst-case scenario” Rumors of UFC’s intention to acquire WWE sends fans into frenzy

Fans seem outrageously unhappy about the idea of sudden changes that have occurred recently regarding the ownership of WWE and WWE potentially being bought by some other company as they also term this incident “The Worst-Case Scenario” which has never happened to WWE.

After the sudden retirement of Vince McMahon, the company was kind of falling apart. Vincent can demand some of the credit for decades of success which was under his control since he fought through numerous perils. However, after his departure, the company is heading in a new direction that fans aren’t excited about.

Furthermore, there was huge speculation about WWE looking for a sale, but nothing has come off yet. Among the names that were mentioned regarding possibly buying WWE is Zuffa, LLC, a subsidiary of Endeavor Group Holdings, who are the owners of UFC.

On that note, WWE has gone through many changes since the retirement of Vince McMahon. Currently, his daughter Stephanie McMahon serves as Co-CEO alongside Nick Khan, and Triple H serves as Head of Creative. 

As per the recent report, UFC is interested in purchasing WWE for good. As they are both kind of similar in their own way, and some of the UFC superstars also work with WWE, there is some mutual between these two companies. But fans have raised their voice against that as they don’t want the UFC to lead WWE’s future.

After the recent rumors, the tweeters went full crazy and people began posting comments and criticizing the whole process. Though, Some thought it wasn’t possible because of the recent changes in the company. Moreover, a few fanatic fans even warned UFC against potentially acquiring WWE. Down below, some tweets are given as examples.

When Endeavor President Mark Shapiro was asked about the recent incident, he replied, “That would be something that would be interesting and worth exploring. Would we buy it? Who knows? Last I checked, it wasn’t for sale. We’re interested in anything in the owned sports properties segment, ” In the past, many scenarios like this have happened, but who knows, this time it might be for real. Will the UFC permanently acquire WWE? Only time will tell.


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