“You’re putting your brain cells on the line and f–ng ring card girls are making $70,000” MMA veteran Uriah Hall brutally humiliates UFC on pay disparities

Uriah Hall, the former Mixed Martial Artist of the UFC, holds the record for winning a bout without striking once. The Jamaican-American fighter competed in the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions; he appeared in 28 MMA fights where he won 17 bouts and 11 times. 

The 38 years old fighters has announced his retirement from UFC on 10th August 2022 and currently focusing on his professional boxing career; the former middleweight is set to face the former three-time NFL Pro Bowl running back Le’Veon Bell on Oct. 29 at Phoenix as a undercard event of Paul vs Silva bout.

In a recent interview, Hall expressed his love for MMA and said after his retirement he was not into combat sports. However, when he received a hefty amount of money from the organizer to fight against Bell, the MMA artist accepted the offer as he loves to earn huge amounts of money.

“I’m just having fun. I’m retired from mixed martial arts, but I’m not retired from making money. It’s a great opportunity. I see where it can take me. If there’s another great opportunity after this, yeah, I’ll take it. I have a goal. It’s important to have goals to reach to. You can’t just stumble around. I don’t want to be a journeyman like that. I want to have a purpose for doing it.”

Talking about money The UFC had a really bad reputation regarding the payment issues with the fighters. One of the most controversial events that Jake Paul brought into light was about Arianny Celeste’s payment. The ring girl was making $70k while the fighters who were putting their lives in danger were getting around $10k. Though the big fighters received large sums of money, it is extremely low for others.

In a recent interview, Hall supported Jake Paul and pointed out that the issue was a ridiculous one and he wants the UFC to give importance to the fighters’ payment issues.

“You don’t have to go too much into details but I know people that are making, which is ridiculous. Cause you’re going out there and fighting and you’re putting your brain cells on the line and f**king ring card girls are making $70,000, which is utterly f**king ridiculous. So yeah, there’s some s*** that’s just not going down but compared to this it’s OK.”

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