Nevada Athletic Commission certifies Dana White’s Power Slap League: slap fighting organization anticipates starting in late 2022

Dana White, the American business tycoon, has been serving as president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is considered one of the finest negotiators in combat sports. This Irish American businessman is set to launch a Power Slap League, which will be the ultimate unarmed slapping competition.

The slapping competition gained popularity during the lockdown through several viral short clips; the competition basically has two competitors available within one hand distance where they get the chance to slap each other as hard as they can. As the video shows, the competition continues till one of the competitors is unable to continue, though sometimes slappers lose consciousness due to the hard hit.

Till now the biggest promotional slapping event is the SlapFIGHT Championship of America as there were some legal issues. They have been organizing the event in an undisclosed location since 2017. But as Dana White comes into the picture, the scenario is going to change.

Dana White wanted to launch the promotion for a long time; at last, he along with former UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta is starting an LLC by which they will produce the event. As previously mentioned, there were some legal restrictions to consider in making the event publicly available, so the LLC had to take part in a conversation with the Nevada Athletic Commission to prove its legality as an unarmed competition.

Last Tuesday, the conversion took place, and Power Slap League got approval from the commission. White is looking forward to organizing the event at UFC Apex in late 2022; the event may be organized in late November or December. As UFC has its own streaming service it is expected that the upcoming event will also be available on ESPN because of their long-time broadcasting deal.

Still, there is no specific date announced or any event details revealed by the organizer. As they got legal approval, fans are eagerly waiting to see the biggest slapping competitions live. 

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