“I hope this time you bet on the right person” Alex Pereira takes jab at rapper Drake ahead of title defense vs Israel Adesanya at UFC 287

Alex Pereira, the current middleweight champion of the UFC, has mocked superstar Drake in anticipation of his rematch with Israel Adesanya. Pereira made headlines in November when he defeated Adesanya in the fifth round of their UFC 281 main event.

Claiming the middleweight championship and extending his undefeated record against ‘Stylebender’ to 3-0 across different combat sports.

Alex Pereira UFC 2023

Naturally, the UFC saw fit to schedule a rematch between the two fighters.

Next month at UFC 287 in Miami, Florida, the two fighters will face off once again. While some believe that Israel Adesanya will seek to avenge his loss. Others think that Alex Pereira’s strength and skill as a fighter,  may just be a bit too much for him.

Interestingly, Drake, who had previously supported Adesanya in their initial bout, had placed a bet of over $1 million on his victory.

Although Drake had placed a bet on Adesanya’s victory in their first fight, it did not pan out in his favor. As a result, Pereira believes that Drake should be more cautious with his choices in their upcoming rematch.

Alex Pereira mocks Drake for his curse

In recent years, the so-called ‘Drake curse‘ has become a meme due to his tendency to support the losing side. However, if this trend continues and Drake backs Adesanya once again, Pereira will not be bothered in the slightest.

Having already accomplished his ultimate objective in the UFC. The Brazilian fighter is focused on retaining his championship belt for as long as he can. Meanwhile, Adesanya is aware that he is in a challenging position. Despite being one of the greatest middleweights in history. He has struggled against Pereira, who seems to be his Achilles’ heel.

Israel Adesanya in black shorts in action during UFC 234

As the rematch approaches, fans should brace themselves for an intense showdown in Miami in April.

What are your thoughts on Drake’s potential bet on Adesanya, and who do you think will emerge victorious in the rematch?

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