“He’s a good kid” Jake Paul shows great admiration for Tommy Fury amid talks of rematch

In the time leading up to their grudge battle, both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury engaged in a significant amount of trash-talking at one another. Jake is now filled with nothing but admiration for Fury, despite the fact that he suffered his first defeat in a professional boxing match at the hands of TNT. 

What did Jake Paul say about Tommy Fury?

Jake recently appeared in his brother Logan Paul’s podcast show where he discussed his fight experience with Tommy Fury. The Problem Child surprisingly appreciated Tommy for his behavior and praised him for his great performance in Diriyah Arena. 

“He’s definitely blossomed, an overnight superstar and it’s great for him. He’s a good kid and we had a bunch of respect for each other; we spoke in the locker room and he said let’s do the rematch.” said Jake. 

According to the YouTuber-turned-boxer, even though they had a long-running feud in between them but there was also respect for each other as a boxer. Paul is now looking forward to having a rematch with Tommy to settle the scores once and for all. 

“He seems very level-headed and down to earth. We talked a lot of s*** and did a great job promoting it but there was mutual respect there and we hugged.” Jake added. 

The internet influencer, who is now 6-1-0 in his professional boxing career, also praised the sport boxing for being so beautiful. Inside the ring, for the time being two boxers give their all to finish each other mercilessly but once the referee declares the result there is nothing but mutual respect for each other

“I have respect for the guy, that’s the most beautiful thing about this sport. You can be arch-enemies and then find respect for each other after beating the s*** out of each other and going to war.” Jake further added.

Tommy already verbally agreed to Jake’s offer of a rematch. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. There is even a possibility that Jake will put the rematch on hold and go for another grudge battle against another YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI. 

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