“He wasn’t that great, at all” Jake Paul claims Anderson Silva was tougher opponent than Tommy Fury after defeat in Saudi Arabia

Despite Tommy Fury being the man who handed Jake Paul his first professional boxing loss, Paul insists that Anderson Silva was the most formidable foe he has ever fought in the ring. 

Jake finally fought his long-time rival Tommy Fury in the ring at Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. In any case, the YouTuber-turned-boxer did not have a pleasant night as his British opponent won the eight-round boxing bout by a split decision.

Which boxer, Tommy Fury or Anderson Silva, in Jake Paul’s opinion, was the toughest?

Although it was to be anticipated that after suffering his first loss, Jake Paul would view TNT as a formidable adversary, however, Jake claims that this is not the case. During his appearance on his brother Logan’s podcast ‘Impaulsive’, The Problem Child shared his thoughts about Fury. 

“This is what p***ing me off the most, that it had nothing to do with him it had everything to do with me. He wasn’t that great, at all, I think Anderson was tougher than him, and I figured out that puzzle. He threw a lot of punches, that’s his biggest thing.” said Jake.

In October of last year, Jake competed and prevailed against the legendary MMA fighter Anderson Silva at the Gila River Arena in Glendale. Which is still one of the most amazing experiences for the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s career. 

Regarding Jake’s potential future in the ring, there are a few different paths that are accessible to him. The rematch with Tommy was tentatively planned in the summer of this year. TNT also verbally agreed to go for a rematch of their Riyadh bout. 


Aside from that, Jake is ready to engage in yet another grudge match. Jake’s lineup has KSI for a considerable amount of time at this point. In addition, following the brawl that took place at the most recent Miami Heat game, the online influencer is thinking about challenging the great Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

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